If you want your offers to generate more sales, then I can probly' help you…


In many ways. It all depends on what you've got going on already.

It could be that I help you increase your LTV by tweaking your upsell/backend structure…

…or maybe we'd work on your email follow-up to improve your EPC's.

Then again, I could write a new control for you.

(One recent project saw a 50% improvement on their optin – from 21-30+%… and their sales page started converting at 2% instead of 1.2%. This reduced their CPA from $400 DOWN to $250… well below their $450 target) 

Like I said, “it all depends“.

Really, the most important thing is that you have an offer that's got some traction. And why? Because I can deliver bigger wins, faster, when you've already got something in place (which basically means you make more money, quicker).

That doesn't mean I can't help you launch a new offer…

I did this for a client recently.

They tasked me with filling up a webinar for a high-ticket ($797) offer – one they'd not tested, at all. Oh, and they only had a 3-day window to promote it (as in – no time to work on building the anticipation weeks in advance).

To say I was ‘under the cosh', would be an understatement.


Not only did this become a $110k launch (in collected front-end revenue – this doesn't account for rebills and backend up-sells)

their earnings per webinar attendee was 50% HIGHER than anything they'd ran previously.

(They normally saw $80 per attendee. I helped them get $120 per attendee… BEFORE the promo close-out sequence had even kicked in)

So, yeah…

If you've got a killer product/service, and an audience to share it with – I can help you craft an offer capable of eye-watering sums.

And I don't share that to brag. Not at all.

I'm simply sharing what I've helped others achieve. And I'd love the chance to help you, too.

But, please allow me to be frank…

As of writing this, I'm slammed with ongoing client work. Chances are I may be too busy to accept your project right now.

That's great news for me (it's nice being busy)

Though, it might not be so good for you (kind of depends what your project involves)

All I can say is I'm open to having a chinwag (british-ism for ‘chat').

If I can't help, I'll likely know someone who can. Or I may even be able to have one of my copy-cubs handle it for you (which I'll oversee).

Who know's? I may even be able to help you out myself.

If that is the case, I tend to work on an upfront fee/retainer deal + performance based commissions/royalties.

I find this helps both you and I get the best outcomes for the project. Plus, it allows me to continue improving your conversions over time…

which earns you more money. And when you make more, so do I. Win, win!

Anyway, I've waffled on long enough…

And if you've made it this far, you probly' want to have a chat about what I do (hope so).

Here's my email – jamie [at] jamielynch [dot] com and I'm active on FB Messenger (this links to my FB Profile – drop me a message here)

Only thing I'd like to finish off with is a simple ‘thanks'.

I love writing copy and building businesses. It gives me a buzz.

So thank you for giving me a bit of your attention. I wouldn't get to do what I love without people like you.

Quit reading my words then, and shoot me a message now using the links above…

Speak soon,

– Jamie